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Science-Technology Park Belgrade at the event “CONNECT2ISRAEL NTP Belgrade 2017” hosted a panel “Are we ready for investment”.

Gordana Danilović Grković, ed. director of the Belgrade Science-Technology Park, said that it is very important to learn from a country such as Israel and that through such a learning process, a Technological Incubator was established in Belgrade, where a large number of startups were developed and whose model was used for the development of the Science- Technology Park Belgrade.
Vladimir Popovic, state secretary at the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development, said that the Science-Technology Park is not just a nice working environment, today it is the place from which the entire startup ecosystem is developing. He emphasized that the network of small and medium-sized enterprises should be strengthened by domestic start-ups and that we should learn from those who have long been ahead of us, and that is definitely Israel.
Guests from Israel, through numerous advises, explained the development path of a startup economy in their own country. They pointed out that one of the main triggers for start-ups in Israel was the country’s isolation and the lack of natural resources. This is a key incentive for the development of the startup ecosystem, which today is one of the strongest in the world. Danny Hadar, one of the investors, pointed out that the role of the state is very important, not only through direct investments, but also through the development of instruments that encourage the development of start-ups, such as incubators and start-up funds for financing investments. Moshe Safarty said that in Israel every year about 1400 new startup projects are launched and that the key success of a startup in Israel is a small success stories. Safarty said that everything is equally important to start the startup, to examine the market, to design the product accordingly, but that the most important thing is to be guided by a personal feeling.
The main tips of a group of investors from Israel are that the development of startups takes a lot of patience because there are always people who are willing to help. Communication is crucial and it is the core of everything. It is equally important both within the team itself and externally, with the market. It is necessary for the team of people working on a startup project to be diverse, made up of different experts.
Science-Technology Park Belgrade, established in the partnership between the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development, the City of Belgrade and the University of Belgrade with the support of the Government of Switzerland, by this event shows commitment to the development of startup and innovative ecosystems. The best evidence for this is that for a relatively short period of time that NTP Belgrade exists, under its roof, the place has found 58 startups and technology development companies, with a constant tendency of growth.