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Brain drain can be replaced with export of smart products and services – 20 new startup companies in 2018 at STP Belgrade

During the three years 71 companies have been developing at Science Technology park Belgrade, 650 engineers have been engaged in work, and it is estimated that the companies earned 20 million euros in 2018. Last year, 20 startup companies were established, 200 young potential entrepreneurs were trained, and 1.000 students were animated for technological entrepreneurship.

– This kind of results shows that the development of support systems such as science and technology parks can realize the potential that Serbia has in young people, and that by developing such support instruments and encouraging young people to start their businesses, brain drain can be replaced by the export of smart products and services – said Gordana Danilović Grković, acting director of Science Technology Park Belgrade at today’s press conference about results of STP Belgrade in 2018.

STP Belgrade has been established as a partnership between the Republic of Serbia Government (represented by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development), the City of Belgrade and the University of Belgrade with support of Swiss Government, based on international experiences and best practices, thus becoming a place where Institutions meet Science and Industry. It is intended for startups and growing high-tech development companies (SMEs and development centers of international companies), helping them develop and commercialize innovative products and services.

The conference at STP Belgrade was attended by Minister of education, science and technological development Mladen Šarčević, who pointed out that the highest quality of our society comes from higher education and science, and that the task of the ministry and the state is to create the conditions for young and smart people, in order to work and to provide their future in Serbia.

– What STP Belgrade does is an example of good practice. By the end of the year we will end the STP in Novi Sad, and we laid the foundation stone for the STP in Niš – said Šarcevic, adding that it is necessary to build a good foundation at all levels of education if we want more science and technology parks and companies like those that are developing in STP Belgrade.

Marko Panic, co-founder of the SmartReserach startup, who has returned to Serbia after his education in Germany and began working on the development of machine for automatic testing of laboratory processes, explained what kind of support he has received from the Science Technology Park Belgrade.

– Since most of us here are from the technical profession, support that we’re receiving in developing of products and businesses means a lot to us. On the other hand, thanks to the STP Belgrade, we got access to various financing programs for the development of innovative products, which was crucial in our case.

The press conference at the Science Technology Park Belgrade was also attended by the representatives of the STP Belgrade Assembly and other startup companies operating in the Park. A mini exhibition of hardware products of some companies was also included: UrbiGo smart garden, Pirate art unique aesthetic linings for people with disabilities, EasyTech smart glove for blind people, WooBox natural product for transport of fresh foods, 3F-Fit Fabricando Faber device for movement assistance for persons with disabilities and mBrainTrain smarting – a brainwave monitoring device.