Support for 40 new teams in the fourth cycle of the Raising Starts program - Naučno-tehnološki park Beograd

Support for 40 new teams in the fourth cycle of the Raising Starts program

Within the fourth public call for Raising Starts, the first pre-seed accelerator in Serbia, 270 applications were received, and 40 teams won participation in the first phase of the program. They develop technological innovations in various industries, from agro and food-tech, med-tech, clean-tech and SaaS solutions, through the gaming, marketing and HR industries.

Supported teams within the Phase 1 program are (in alphabetical order):  AGRAS, ArchFix, Artemi, Canary, Dently AI, Discover Serbia Team, DOG TAG, Dynamic Mockups, Elemental Tech, Emitter, EstiWiz, Euclidean Studios, Everdrive Custom FX, FlexFlow, Form Forge, Goocha, GrapID, GreenTower, GTYU Overlock, GuideLites, Inlimine Games, JIG JOY, Koprisem, LavitFlow, Nortz Consulting, NutriBuzz, Resumo,, Smart Tech, Solarlink, SoundSpotter, StepUpSave, Tourism Software Solutions, Transact3, Tricell DOO, Tricoman Studios, VeloxDB,, YourListeners, Železničar soft.

There are 25 teams from the Belgrade region in the first phase of the Raising Starts 4.0 program, 7 from Niš, and 8 teams from the Čačak region.

Congratulations to all the selected teams!

In Phase 1, startups will go through intensive training in order to improve business skills, market validation of problems and characteristics of the innovative products/services, with the necessary direction and focus in the accelerated development of products/services. During this period, participants will also receive support in the field of intellectual property rights, with the support of the Swiss Federal Institute for Intellectual Property and the Institute for Intellectual Property of the Republic of Serbia.

The first workshops begin on November 22, and during a month of intensive work, the teams will collaborate with local and international mentors, experts with many years of experience and significant references in the field of innovative business development.

At the end of Phase 1, teams and companies that meet the pre-set criteria will present themselves at DemoDay in front of an expert jury. The best, according to the jury’s decision, go to Phase 2 of the program, where, along with additional training and 1-on-1 mentoring sessions, they will also receive financial support of 15,000 Swiss francs for software development, or up to 20,000 Swiss francs for new product development.

Raising Starts is the first pre-seed accelerator in Serbia that simultaneously provides professional and financial support for the accelerated development of innovations to startups in the earliest stages of development. The program is implemented by the Belgrade Science and Technology Park (NTP Belgrade) with the support of the Swiss Government, in partnership with the Niš Science and Technology Park (NTP Niš) and the Čačak Science and Technology Park (NTP Čačak).

The goal is to accelerate the development of innovative products and services and support startups to overcome obstacles on the way from a business idea to readiness for investments and entering the global market.