Do you have an idea and know how to solve a problem using technology?

Do you feel there is an entrepreneur inside you? Yet, you’re unsure where to start and how to test your idea?

You are at the right place!

The Business Technology Incubator of Technical Faculties Belgrade (BITF) is Serbia’s first and leading business technology incubator that provides comprehensive support to young, educated people in developing innovative ideas and starting their own businesses!

For more than a decade, BITF has maintained close links with young innovators and students and through numerous activities and trainings encourages the development of new startup teams, the commercialization of innovation and R&D results, as well as the creation of new hi-tech SMEs. 

Founded by four technology schools of the University of Belgrade (Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Civil Engineering and Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy), the Municipality of Palilula and the Democratic Transition Initiative, today BITF is a part of Science Technology Park Belgrade (STP Belgrade) in charge for supporting startups at the early stages of development (Incubation Program).


In establishing a business model according to Lean Startup methodology, financial planning, intellectual property protection etc.
Gain knowledge!

Exchange of experiences and links with the community creates opportunities for swift progress and global success.
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Our mentors, specialized in a wide variety of fields, are ready to share their invaluable experience, expertise and knowledge.
Learn from the best!

In the community of innovators, you will have access to separate offices, coworking space, meeting rooms, a conference hall, innovation labs, and relaxation areas.
Create in an inspirational environment!

We provide support and advice on the legal, accounting and administrative aspects of your business.
No need to worry about the paperwork!

You’ll receive alerts of all public calls and funds, and you’ll be ready to respond to them at the right time and in the right way.
Master finance!

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Some of alumni companies

Key projects

Science and Technology Park Belgrade, New Export Instrument of Serbia

The project was successfully implemented in the period 2015-2019. Within the trade cooperation between the Government of the Swiss Confederation and the Republic of Serbia and in accordance with the proposed project documentation, SCO awarded BITF the implementation of the project “Science and Technology Park Belgrade, a new export instrument of Serbia”. The goal of this project was to establish and develop the first science and technology park in Serbia in order to increase the export of high-tech products and services. Thanks to the achieved results, the model of development and support of innovations and their commercialization of BITF was built into the development of NTP Belgrade, founded in 2015, in partnership with the Government of RS (on behalf of the Government, the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development), the City of Belgrade and the University of Belgrade, using examples of best international practice, the project also implemented the first pre-accelerator pilot program “Let’s accelerate” for startups at the earliest stage of development.

Promotion of exports of innovative products

Implemented in the period 2011-2014 with the support of the Government of the Swiss Confederation (Swiss Secretariat for Economic Affairs, SECO), with the aim of increasing the export of high-tech products and services from Serbia, mainly in the fields of information technology, biotechnology and medical technology. The realization of the project took place on the basis of the Memorandum of Understanding between the Government of the Republic of Serbia and the Government of the Swiss Confederation, for the implementation of which the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development is responsible on behalf of Serbia.

Erasmus + plus project "Institutional framework for the development of the third mission of the university in Serbia" - IF4TM

The projct is supported by the Erasmus + plus program of the European Union, (October 2015 – June 2019), with the aim of developing and implementing a third mission at universities in Serbia consisting of three pillars of development: technology transfer and innovation, continuous learning, socially responsible university behavior. During the project, 3 competitions for the best student business idea were organized. More information:


HTEC Group

The newly established company received the support of BITF, where, thanks to specialist services, it was able to focus on its basic goal: to try to do what it does best. In addition, we were surrounded by other technology companies with whom you can share experiences and support, and cooperation with technical faculties is of great importance. Such a working and creative environment encourage rapid development, which can be seen in the results achieved by companies that have grown out of the Incubator.

Eleonora Sergijević

graduate industrial designer, FPU

BITF lectures introduced us to a new way of thinking and different perspectives. Also, they strengthened us on the path of realizing our idea. BITF helped us overcome our fears of the unknown and failure by bringing us closer to the subject and showing us where we can make mistakes and ways to avoid those mistakes.

Jelena Matić

professor at the Faculty of Forestry

Students of the Faculty of Forestry, Department of Wood Processing, also had the opportunity to enrich their engineering knowledge through BITF trainings with much-needed knowledge in the field of intellectual property. Since by exhibiting their prototypes of furniture in the country and abroad, they already had a lot of contact with this matter, they were able to better understand the importance and value of legal advice and lectures in general.

Dejan Dramićanin

BitGear Wireless Design Services

I would recommend cooperation with the Incubator to every beginner because it is a natural environment for young technology companies. There, we met a large number of people from different areas of business and received a lot of useful advice from them, which also helped us understand what it means to be a disciplined entrepreneur.

Dragoš Petrović


For startups, one of the biggest challenges is over-regulation
and administrative procedures, which require a lot of time and energy at a time when a small team needs to focus on developing its primary product and preparing for uncertain market competition. The concept of incubation, through various types of administrative assistance, can greatly facilitate the business of a startup company, save it time and other crucial resources.

Miloš Milisavljević

Strawberry Energy

BITF has been a great support to us from the very beginning. BITF team guided us, gave useful advice and provided services that allowed us to focus exclusively on product development. In addition to business infrastructure, a huge advantage of this environment is working in the space with a large number of startup companies. The incubator also provided us with the mentorship of experts from the private sector, helped build a reputation and connect with many people from the industry.


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