What can you expect from STP Belgrade?

An inspiring environment in a community of innovators will add momentum to your growth, helping you devise new solutions to tackle the challenges ahead and provide you opportunities to attract top talents. We’ll support you to explore new markets by matching you with potential partners and help you increase your visibility, both locally and internationally.


Located in the cosy environment of the Zvezdara forest, STP Belgrade’s modern premises feature offices with the full range of modern amenities, meeting rooms, a conference centre, a car park and coworking space, as well as innovation labs (CNC Lab, Laser Lab, 3D Lab) and modern equipment.


In an environment of young startup founders, you will be at the very heart of change and inspiration. Our international network of partners will facilitate your entry in new markets, while our close links with the University and local organisations will help you forge stronger ties with young talents and build your company’s core asset – your team.

Visibility and promotion

STP Belgrade features prominently on the maps of numerous foreign delegations and representatives of corporations, embassies and government institutions, which provides exposure to our member companies, creates opportunities for new partnerships and ensures greater impact in terms of improved business conditions. We also liaise closely and partner with the media, to promote the development of innovation, new technologies and your solutions of the future.

Local growing companies

A special set of support services offered by STP Belgrade is designed to improve business conditions and boost the development of local growing companies (SMEs developing innovative technologies and solutions and R&D centers of innovative companies that have already progressed past the initial stages of development).


Our sotflanding program is designed to support foreign companies intending to establish innovative businesses or R&D centers and departments in Serbia. STP Belgrade will help you adapt to the market quicker and learn about the local business conditions and opportunities.