The Incubation Program is designed for startup teams and companies in the early stages of developing innovative products and services. 

We help teams that demonstrate commitment, hard work, and determination, providing them with support in defining a business model, as well as legal and administrative support in registering or managing their businesses. 

Along with networking with other startup founders and community mentors and expanding new contacts, the teams are also provided with their own office space and approach to innovation labs for early prototype development, testing, and hardware design. 

The program provides startups with access to potential investors and funding, along with the promotion of innovative products and services and increased international exposure.

The services and support under the Incubation Program are available over the course of three years for innovative software development and five years for hardware development.

How to apply:


Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. We are expecting yours!


All applications will be evaluated according to the criteria set out in the Public call.


Applicants that pass the evaluation stage will be awarded contracts. Welcome to the community!


No. A startup may apply as a team and, if they are ready to register as a business, the team of Science Technology Park Belgrade and the Business Technology Incubator of Technical Faculties Belgrade (BITF) will help them do so through legal advisory services. If a startup is not yet ready for business registration, it may use our Preincubation Program, which offers consultation on various issues and the use of coworking space within the complex.
The maximum possible duration of the Incubation Program is 3 years for the development of an innovative software solution or process and 5 years for the development of an innovative hardware/physical product.
A startup is required to permanently and primarily work on the development of its business and the innovation covered by the support which forms the basis for cooperation and to ensure compliance of its operations with Serbian legislation. It is also required to engage on a regular basis with representatives of STP Belgrade and BITF.
No. By participating in the Incubation Program, startups gain access to professional support to accelerate their development, without assigning an equity stake. Startups are also provided with education on intellectual property protection, designed to help innovators protect their intellectual property/patents in their name.
Not directly. The program provides services to startups at a subsidized cost, depending on the year of their participation in the Program.
A startup may have the status of a virtual member if it does not need its own office space. Through virtual memberships, startups can register a business at the address of the complex, receive mail at that address, use meeting rooms and coworking space, and all other services available under the Incubation Program.

Local growing companies

A special set of support services offered by STP Belgrade is designed for local growing companies. STP Belgrade will support your development through:

  • An inspirational working environment and functional premises featuring a conference center and meeting rooms, with access to the state-of-art innovation lab (CNC Lab, LaserLab, 3D Lab),
  • Networking with community members – startups and growing companies, as well as an international network of partners: entrepreneurs, support organizations, investors, and industry leaders,
  • Improved promotion and increased visibility locally and internationally.

Who is the program for?

  • Serbian SMEs that develop innovative technologies and solutions
  • R&D centers of local innovative companies


The Sotflanding Program is designed to support foreign companies intending to establish innovative businesses or R&D centers and departments in Serbia. STP Belgrade will help you learn about the local business conditions, in particular through support pertaining to:

  • Legal and accounting advisory for registering a subsidiary in Serbia,
  • Market advisory, connections with protentional partners, and unlocking potential of the local innovation ecosystem,
  • Access to knowledge databases and talent.

Located in the cozy environment of the Zvezdara forest, STP Belgrade’s modern premises feature offices with a full range of modern amenities, a conference center, meeting rooms, and access to innovation labs (CNC Lab, LaserLab, 3D Lab) and modern equipment.


Who is the program for?

  • International innovative companies 
  • R&D departments of foreign companies

No, the parent company may apply as a foreign entity (company) pursuant to a Public Call. If found to be eligible in the evaluation process, only a registered subsidiary/branch/representative office of such foreign company may become a member and the contract will be signed with the Serbian entity. The company will have access to legal and accounting advisory services when incorporating an entity in Serbia.
Yes. The University of Belgrade is among the founders of STP Belgrade. Depending on the needs of our members, we connect companies with university schools and the research community. STP Belgrade also cooperates with the Career Development Centre of the University of Belgrade and thus makes it easier for companies to access students for recruitment and talent hunting.
Yes, STP Belgrade strongly supports, connects, and promotes networking and joint community initiatives, depending on the development stage, needs, and objectives of each network member company.
Yes, STP Belgrade’s team keeps abreast of trends and, through an internal newsletter, mailing and events, keeps its members informed about current issues and any changes that affect the innovation ecosystem in Serbia.