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ParkUP! is an intensive five days program of learning, working and socializing, which is being held in an inspirational environment in the Science Technology Park Belgrade, with the main goal that students step into the start-up world, gain knowledge and skills how to design ideas/spot problems, form a team and get acquainted with the steps in the development of a successful start-up.

ParkUP! is being organized twice a year, during summer and winter program.


Become a new start-up generation


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interested students

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To whom is it intended?

ParkUp! is intended to the students of all profiles, ages from 18 to 26, who are:

  • Open for new knowledge and experiences
  • Interested in start-up world
  • Proactive & highly motivated
  • Interested in getting know new people and trying out in a team work

What to expect?

Lectures and interactive workshops

Lectures and interactive workshops lead students into the secrets of creation of successful start-up, by using of Lean Start-up method – with an emphasis on defining problems and solutions, defining profiles and segments of buyers, competition, market and business model.

Team work

ParkUp! gives students possibility to become a part of one of 10 multidisciplinary teams and to acquire skills how to make a team and become a leader who will trigger changes in the society.

Network expansion

By participating in the program, students get the possibility to meet entrepreneurs, start-up founders and mentors who can give them advices and pass on experiences which may benefit to personal and professional development.


Students will have the opportunity to see what a Demo day looks like in the start-up world and what skills they need for successful presentation of a start-up.

How to apply?

To participate in ParkUp! program, you only need a willingness to step into the start-up world and to be open for new experiences! It is not necessary that students have a team or a start-up idea, since we will achieve this goal together during the program.

Participation in the camp is free.

Certificates on completed program will be awarded to all students who actively participate in 5-day ParkUP!

They said about the camp

  • Students’ start-up camp is an experience which I would sincerely recommend to anyone interested in start-up world. Combination of socializing and learning in a creative way. The atmosphere which drives you to work and go forward! An opportunity to connect and work in a team with different people from different faculties and to hear how someone from the perspective of his profession sees the same problem. Very useful and wonderful four days, I would apply again!

    Nikolina Savić
  • The park itself is full of positive and creative energy, so we learned to observe things from various perspectives and to develop our ideas, with the help of professionals, so that it can become a basis of a successful business in the future. Besides work obligations, the camp is designed in a way which guarantees good time. Many games, quizzes and contests, and the party on the last day of the camp are something to remember.

    Anđela Uštević
  • STP camp is a great opportunity to step into the start-up world. Many information from the camp have been very useful for me when I established and developed my own start-up.

    Milan Popović

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