We create environment that encourages startup founders to develop innovative products and services!

Unique support program Raising Starts helps you in the earliest stages of innovation development, even if your project is only in idea stage.

perceive it
validate it
and develop it


If your goal is global market, you will get full professional support and financing to help you on your startup journey.

* The program was created through the project "Technopark Serbia 2 - Boosting exports through technoparks" supported by the Swiss Government

Raising Starts gives you the opportunit:


Local and international mentors and experts from different areas will be available for teams according to their needs.


Funding up to 15.000 CHF will accelerate the development of your idea.


Workshops and training sessions are based on Lean Startup methodology with the purpose to provide you with knowledge in the areas which you are not familiar with but necessary for success of your business.


No equity! We believe it is important to give back to the community once you succeed.


Access to innovative laboratories will help the ones who develop hardware solutions, through use of 3D printers and scanners, CNC machines, lasers, etc.


By meeting other startup founders and their challenges, approaching investment funds and promotion via various channels.





up to

startup will be supported

up to
15000 CHF

grants per startup

What to expect:

Phase 1

Your idea and your team have passed the selection phase and we welcome you to the Phase 1. We will help you to validate your business idea through various workshops, trainings and mentor sessions, using Lean Startup methodology.

Demo day

You PITCH your idea before the jury! Do not worry, your team will be well prepared for this. Those with highest grades will pass on to the Phase 2.

Phase 2

It is time for fine polishing – in this phase, we provide extended support for the development of your product/service through additional workshops and training, “1 on 1” mentoring sessions with international and local expert from different areas of business development as well as grant funds up to 15.000 CHF.

Your global success begins in your region!



Public Call for the first program has been closed on 25.1.2021. at Midnight



The first public call in 2021



The first public call in 2021

Who can apply:

YES if:


(at least 2 members) with clearly defined roles in development of a business idea, or


with majority of shares in Serbian ownership, registered for no more than two years on the date of announcement of the Public Call.


Innovative and technological solution, either hardware or software

You proved its technological feasibility by a document, experiment or a prototype

NO if:

you have already raised more then 20,000 CHF from different sources (VC, loans, credits), from public or private sectors

your startup is owned by a mother company

you belong to one of the following industries:

– production or distribution of weapons and ammunition.
– production or distribution of alcoholic drinks (except beer and wine).
– production or distribution of tobacco.
– gambling, casinos and similar companies.

*detailed list of criteria and industries is given in the Raising Starts Guide and Public Call

What do we expect from you

Commitment to development of your idea

Openness for new knowledge, experiences and approaches, as well as for communication with other participants and organizers

Proactive approach during the program

Why the program Raising Stars is important for you?

You have a great idea or the first prototype, you understand all its details and each day you find another argument for its importance, but there is much broader picture. A spark of inspiration created something interesting, but you are far away from something that a market or possible investor would understand and consider. You and your team must gain some basic business knowledge, such as finance, sales, promotion, approach to customers or similar. With Raising Starts you get necessary acceleration and support. Mentors that were “in your shoes” and had plenty of similar dilemmas, will dedicate their time so that no questions will be left without adequate answers.

And the story does not stop here

After the program you become

Part of STP community

As a part of the community you can finally exchange opinions, visons, and ideas with others who, such as you, dream big. A world of great opportunities is constantly opening and expanding to you.

That is visible

Investors (VC funds, business angles and others) and potential clients are now around you, and you and your team are trained, prepared and ready for negotiations and new opportunities. Foreign markets are finally available, and local and international events are booked in your calendar.

And is continuously expanding

You surrounded by representatives and founders of great startups with whom you can start new initiatives and resolve common issues.

With the support

STP is always there to support further development of your business, providing access to modern and innovative infrastructure and laboratories, increasing your visibility and approach to investments.


Market application of a new or significantly improved product or service (including improvements of technical characteristics, components and materials, software, customer orientation or other functional characteristics)/marketing methods/new organisational methods in business or organization.
Proved technological feasibility
Proved functionality and proof of concept, experiment or developed first prototype.
Pre-seed finance
Initial investment for early stage startups, usually related to investment in the idea with major investment risk.
Startup incubators are focused on startup companies in the early stage. They help in development of startup by developing its idea into a sustainable products and it is usually called startup schools.
Startup accelerators are intensive programs with a duration of 3-6 months which include mentorship, business support, different trainings and/or microfinancing.
Science Technology Park
Organisation dedicated to strengthening innovation eco system by connecting all relevant players – universities, companies, institutions. Science technology parks provide business and infrastructure support services to innovative companies, encouraging their development.

About the Project:

Program Raising Starts is created through the project “Technopark Serbia 2 –Boosting exports through technoparks” under the Memorandum of Cooperation between the Government of the Republic of Serbia and the Swiss  Government  (State Secretariat for Economic Affairs, SECO). The project is conducted by Science Technology Park Belgrade, through the network of science-technology parks in Belgrade, Niš and Čačak.

The project puts into focus the creation of supportive environment that will enable young people to gain the necessary knowledge and skills to faster develop innovative products and services and enter global market. With the aim of straightening the competitiveness of the Serbian economy, increasing exports and new jobs, the Project will support the establishment and development of up to 100 new startup companies in Belgrade, Čačak and Niš during the 4 years.

With support of