What can you expect from STP Belgrade?

Whether you are looking for an idea or need business knowledge to develop your innovative idea into a successful business, STP Belgrade will support your initial steps in the startup world, helping you acquire the knowledge and skills needed to access the market, build a team and network with innovators and successful entrepreneurs to drive your personal and professional development.


Discover our support programs, designed to introduce you to the basics of business development through training, mentoring and interactive workshops based on the Lean Startup methodology. Learn how to define problems, analyse market needs, find solutions, profile customers, research competitions and develop a business model. STP Belgrade will support you as you develop your idea until it is ready for investment and global market entry.


Connect with innovative technology startups and growing companies at STP Belgrade and seize the opportunity to experience innovative products and service development hands-on through practical classes, job opportunities or collaboration. Acquire invaluable experience tailored to your professional preferences and interests.


STP Belgrade’s community continues expanding, with an ever-growing network of international and local partners. By attending events and lectures and taking part in study visits, you‘ll make new contacts with inspiring entrepreneurs, students from other countries, support organizations, investors and leaders across all industries.

Enter the startup world through a five-day program of learning, working, and social interaction, designed for students interested in acquiring the basic knowledge and skills for tech entrepreneurship. ParkUP! takes place twice a year, during the summer and winter semesters.


Raising Starts

Would you like to accelerate the development of your startup? Raising Starts will provide you with the necessary knowledge and skills – business and financial support up to CHF 15,000 for accelerated development of your idea, to prepare you for investment and global breakthrough.

Join a Startup

Join some of the startups within the STP Belgrade network. Learn, grow and experience the development of amazing innovative solutions.