Are you developing an idea? Are you determined and willing to make it happen? Our incubation program provides you with the necessary knowledge, contacts and an inspirational environment to help you succeed.

* participation in incubation program does not exclude  participation in other programs

Enter the startup world through a five-day program of learning, working and social interaction, designed for students interested in acquiring the basic knowledge and skills for tech entrepreneurship. ParkUP! takes place twice a year, during the summer and winter semesters.

Raising Starts

Would you like to accelerate the development of your startup? Raising Starts will provide you with the necessary knowledge and skills – business and financial support up to CHF 15,000 for accelerated development of your idea, to prepare you for investment and global breakthrough.


IMAGINE IF!  is the first truly global competition and pre-accelerator program for healthcare science-based ventures. It offers a wide range of opportunities for health-tech startups in the early stages of development, including mentoring, the potential to secure non-dilutive capital, free advice from leading professional services companies and rapid networking across the Innovation Forum platform

Colosseum Sports Tech Serbia

Are you passionate about a future of sports that is closely linked with the development of new technologies? Colosseum Sports Tech is the first program in Serbia designed to encourage innovation in sports by supporting sports-tech startups in the early stages of development. Your idea might just be the next big innovation in sports!

Local growing companies

A special set of support services offered by STP Belgrade is designed to improve business conditions and boost the development of local growing companies (SMEs developing innovative technologies and solutions and R&D centers of innovative companies that have already progressed past the initial stages of development).


Our sotflanding program is designed to support foreign companies intending to establish innovative businesses or R&D centers and departments in Serbia. STP Belgrade will help you adapt to the market quicker and learn about the local business conditions and opportunities.