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About us

The Science Technology Park Belgrade is intended for startups and growing high-tech development companies (SMEs and development centers of international companies), helping them develop and commercialize innovative products and services.

STP Belgrade has been established as a partnership between the Republic of Serbia Government (represented by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development), the City of Belgrade and the University of Belgrade, based on international experiences and best practices, thus becoming a place where Institutions meet Science and Industry.   

 STP Belgrade has become a new business core of the city that brings together dozens of high-tech development companies/teams by providing different programs and activities, and plays an essential role in developing the innovation ecosystem in Serbia.

Constructed according to high energy efficiency standards and modern architecture, STP Belgrade makes an ideal environment for companies / development teams, by providing a package of services tailored to meet their needs. STP Belgrade is located in a peaceful environment of Zvezdara Forest, 4 km away from the city center, in the immediate vicinity of Mihajlo Pupin Institute and the campus of technical faculties, with a direct bus line connecting them. 

STP Belgrade is the ideal environment for businesses wishing to be part of a dynamic high-tech community, which creates value-added by creating development opportunities for businesses and entrepreneurs.

STP Belgrade currently hosts:

  • The Business & Technology Incubator of Technical Faculties that has support programs intended to help startups/development teams.
  • The Innovation Fund that provides financial instruments through the early development program and other other innovation development programs.
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STP Belgrade is primarily intended for innovative high-tech development companies in the following areas: information and communication technology, biomedicine, new materials and nanotechnology, environment protection and climate changes, energy and energy efficiency, agriculture and food. We also support small businesses and start-ups. Please check if the STP Belgrade has announced a PUBLIC CALL to high-tech development companies for membership.

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Our focus is on technology development companies that have great potential to improve the competitiveness of the Serbian economy through innovation and value-added products and services. STP Belgrade welcomes other entities that contribute to the quality of services delivered by the STP to its tenant s, with the aim to support accelerated development.

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Getting started

Our tenant companies are selected through the competitive public call for membership at STP Belgrade. The received applications are assessed by the Commission appointed by the founders of STP Belgrade, based on the following criteria: technological profile, innovation, export potential, job creation potential and revenue growth of the company. Results of the public call are published on the official website of the STP Belgrade. New tenants can move into the STP premises after signing a contract.

Who we are?

Meet our team

Gordana Danilović Grković

acting director
Јована Васић

Radiša Vićević

Assistant Director for infrastructure and investments

Vera Dokmanović Ćirić

Assistant Director for business support

Jelena Petrović

Head of business development

Jovana Vasić

BITF Director
Славица Слобођанац 3

Slavica Slobođanac

business secretary

Marija Mirković

Associate for International Cooperation and Project Management

PhD Nataša Ćirović

Project coordinator

Nina Brkljač

Associate of General affairs and Public Procurment Department

Ivana Bezarević

Marketing and PR coordinator

Bojan Milenković

Associate for business support

Milena Đokić

Finance and Accounting Associate

Nevena Janković

Associate for business support



The establishment of STP Belgrade in 2015 was supported through the project “Science and Technology Park Belgrade – a new export instrument of Serbia” with the support of the Government of the Swiss Confederation (State Secretariat for Economic Affairs SECO). The holder and implementer of the project wsd the Business Technology Incubator of Technical Faculties Belgrade-BITF (now part of STP Belgrade in charge of incubation), which established and developed the first functional science and technology park in Serbia. The main goal of the support of the Government of the Swiss Confederation was for STP Belgrade to grow into an export instrument of Serbia, which will help strengthen its competitive position on the world market of smart products and services.

Today, STP Belgrade is recognized as a growing technological core of the region, with support programs that encourage and enable innovation and technological development, encouraging young people to technological entrepreneurship (it develops more than 70 startups and technological development companies that employ over 750 engineers, and annually generate revenue in excess of EUR 20 million, of which over 60% comes from exports).


Thanks to the well-achieved results in the establishment of STP Belgrade on the previous project, the Government of the Swiss Confederation will support at the initiative of the Government of the Republic of Serbia, with 3.5 million euros further development of innovations and creation of a network of science and technology parks in Serbia. development of technology parks ”. The project started at the end of 2019, and will be coordinated by STP Belgrade for four years.

The goal of the Project “Technopark Serbia 2 – Encouraging Exports through the Development of Technology Parks” is to increase the competitiveness of the high technology industry of Serbia, export growth and employment through the development of a network of science and technology parks, to encourage more young people for technological entrepreneurship and new startups.
During the project:
– The model and support capacities of the Science and Technology Park Belgrade startup and technological development companies will be further improved,
– The acquired knowledge and experience of NTP Belgrade will be transferred to Nis and Cacak in order to accelerate the development of science and technology parks in them and in these regions to create conditions for the accelerated development of new technological, export-oriented companies,
– The development and implementation of a new pre-seed program (which includes financing and support for startups in terms of knowledge and skills development) will support the establishment and development of a total of 100 new startup companies in Belgrade, Nis and Cacak,
– Thanks to the cooperation of the Swiss Federal Institute for Intellectual Property (IPI) and the Intellectual Property Office of the Republic of Serbia, the old people will be especially supported in the field of intellectual property rights.

Such models of support will help the country’s regional development in the field of innovation and will encourage young people to technological entrepreneurship, changing their view of innovation, the world of startups and the opportunities offered to them in their own region. Through various trainings and mentoring support, they will acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to develop their innovations (MVPs) faster and enter the global market.
With the new project, including the previous phase, the Government of the Swiss Confederation is investing a total of EUR 4,520,000 in the development of technology parks in Serbia (EUR 1,070,000 for phase I and EUR 3,450,000 for phase II).


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