Science Technology Park Belgrade has three innovation labs fitted with state-of-the-art technology for developing prototypes and finished products. The equipment is available to startup teams and growing companies for accelerated development of innovative hardware solutions and fast product launch. Whether you are new to the business world or already experienced, Science Technology Park Belgrade offers you regular user trainings and has licensed programs for using the full range of equipment.

  • 3 innovation labs
  • Physical execution of an idea
  • Quick and simple development of prototypes and finished products
  • Processing of different types of material – laser cutters and engravers, CNC machines
  • 24/7 equipment availability
  • Training and technical support by STP Belgrade team members
  • Linking and exchange of experiences with members of the STP Belgrade community

3D Innolab

3D printing is an additive technology for the future which enables quick and simple development of a prototype from an idea. It replaces conventional processing technologies and ensures high product quality at the initial stage of development.

  • Quick and simple prototype development
  • Broad use
  • Uses diverse materials
  • User-friendly printer

Laser & UV Innolab

Laser cutter and engraver machines provide sophisticated access to 2D laser processing of various types of materials to shape a product according to your ideas, while UV printers are used for branding finished products that are ready for market.

  • 2D cutting of arbitrary contours
  • Engraving
  • Processing of a wide range of materials (wood, plywood, plexiglass, leather, MDF board, canvas, EVA foam, foam board)
  • Product branding

CNC Innolab

CNC machines are used for processing materials that are otherwise hard to process and for finishing works. The aim is to achieve a high processing quality on surfaces that are vital for product functionality.

  • Processing of aluminium, plastics and wood
  • High-quality processed surfaces
  • No further processing required


The laboratories are available to all STP Belgrade members and support program participants.
No, STP Belgrade provides regular training for lab equipment users.
No, users are required to provide their own supplies for any equipment that needs inputs to operate.
Yes, STP Belgrade has the licensed programs required to operate the equipment.
Users' access to the labs is by online appointment via an app, using an account authorized by STP Belgrade.

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