Promotion of public call for foreign chambers of commerce

Промоција јавног позива страним привредним коморама 1

With the presentation for foreign economic representative offices and chambers, which was held on October 5 in the complex in Zvezdara, Science Technology Park Belgrade continued to promote public call for admission of new members.

The presentation was organized in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development. The introductory speech was given by the Minister Srdjan Verbic, who pointed out that the STP Belgrade very soon will become a gathering place for the technology development companies which will employ a large number of young educated people. Public invitation is open until October 9, 2015, and in the words of the acting director of STP Belgrade, Ms. Gordana Danilovic Grković, more than 30 companies have so far expressed an interest in doing business within the STP Belgrade.