Company NovelIC new member of STP Belgrade - Naučno-tehnološki park Beograd

Company NovelIC new member of STP Belgrade

Компанија NovelIC нова чланица НТП Београд

One more company became part of NTP Belgrade!

Novelic Microsystems is a design house, providing customised solutions for semiconductor and embedded electronics industries, specialised for the fields: mm-Wave radar, communication systems and industrial sensors. The company develops custom RF and AMS IC, ASIC SoC, FPGA and low-level software. They have vast product knowledge, testified through several products on the marked, developed for our customers.

The same core team has been working together over the past 9 years. They work in near shore outsource mode. The company is ISO 9001:2008 certified, with fully focused process-oriented approach. They cover full product span: system model and architecture, implementation, verification and integration. Novelic Microsystems develops patent-protected IPs for radar sensors (radar-on-chip).

They make miniature low-cost radar modules, operating at frequencies 24GHz and 60GHz for the applications such as:
– driver fatigue sensor: contactless fatigue detection in a vehicle,
– seat occupation sensor: even able to distinguish a person from a thing, which is not possible with existing systems,
– vital signs sensor: in transportation, robotics, medicine and consumer,
– parking sensor: low-cost and miniaturised replacement of ultrasound solutions,
– gesture sensor: a sensor for the internet-of-things; 2D detection of gesture.