Contracts on subsidies signed with the City - Naučno-tehnološki park Beograd

Contracts on subsidies signed with the City

Потписани уговори о субвенцији са Градом 3

The Secretariat of Economy of the City of Belgrade signed five contracts with beneficiaries of subsidies for innovative activities and self-employment, per user up to 500,000 dinars. The event was attended by Mr. Dragomir Petronijević, a member of the City Council and the President of the Council of the City of Belgrade for self-employment, and entrepreneurs signed contracts with the City Secretary for Economy Mr. Milinko Veličković.

The City of Belgrade, in cooperation with the Science Technology Park Belgrade earlier this year announced a public call for allocation of funds to support the development of innovative activities and self-employment, which aims to support self-employment of the unemployed, the development of innovative and high-tech products, services and processes, creating new technology enterprises, increasing the competitive ability and integration into the international market trends.

We congratulate our new members and we want to begin a successful business!