President of the Swiss Commission for Innovation and Technology (IKT) visited STP

Председник швајцарске Комисије за иновације и технологију (ИКТ) посетио НТП

President of the Swiss Commission for Innovation and Technology, Mr. Walter Steinlin, deputy Ambassador of Switzerland to Serbia, Mr. Gerhard Brugger accompanied by representatives of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), as well as the representatives of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia visited the Science Technology Park today.

After presenting the business model and future plans of STP, the opportunity to present their innovative potential had Dr. Kosta Jovanovic, ETF and Dr. Aleksandar Rodic, Head of RoboticsLaboratory, Institute Mihajlo Pupin. During the discussion, a special emphasis was put on the challenges and opportunities in the cooperation between science and industry.

The delegation visited three member companies STP Beograd, NovelIC, Digital Worx and InterVenture.

After the tour networking cocktail was organized in order to introduce more of representatives of the STP members.