Girls in ICT Day - Naučno-tehnološki park Beograd

Girls in ICT Day

Дан девојака у ИКТ-у

Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications will organize Girls in ICT Day, on Thursday, 27th April 2017, at 12:00 at the Science Technology Park in Belgrade, Veljka Dugoševića 54. The event will be opened by State Secretary at the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications, Tatjana Matić.

The guests of the event were elementary school students from Smederevo, Pozarevac, Sabac, Uba and Zrenjanin, which will present successful workers of the ICT sector.

The students will participate in workshops on programming and robotics, and for them to be prepared and presentation technology VR (Virtual Reality).

Girls in ICT Day (Girls in ICT Day) is celebrated worldwide every fourth Thursday in April of 2010, on the initiative of the Republic of Serbia.

The goal is to get closer to girls and young women information and communication technologies, an area in which professional women are underrepresented.

The project of the Global Network of Women in ICT, under the auspices of the International Telecommunication Union (International Telecommunication Union, ITU), implementing institutions, sectors, universities, institutions and companies in the field of new technologies.

More than 240,000 of girls and young women so far have participated in 7,200 events in 160 countries.