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Financial and corporate management a strategic asset for SMEs

Финансијско и корпоративно управљање стратешким средствима за МСП

We have the pleasure to invite you to the conference ”Financial and corporate management, a strategic asset for SMEs”,

organized by DAMM doo, which will be held on Tuesday, 30/05/17 at the Science Technology Park Belgrade, Veljka Dugosevica Street 54.

A study by Ernst & Young in London, redacted in 2012, says that Only 20% of businessmen looks for advice before asking for credit, that only 1 on 3 has a business plan, and that 4 out of 5 financial decision makers have no formal training in financial matters. As experienced business consultant in Italy and in Serbia, DAMM is adding that the SMEs top and middle management, normally focus in everyday activities, does not have the time to be informed about the new best practices in business development, and that there is a strong need of strategic thinking.

Therefore, the aim of the event is to upload Serbian and international SMEs with an operative and practical overview of all the new best practice in SMEs management, highlighting: Financial management including subsidized credit and EU funds, IT services, Export management, Leadership and organization, Energy saving and International investors.

Partners and key speakers are:

• Strategic plan and business plan – DAMM marketing and management (

• EU Funds available in Serbia for business development and innovation with the Swiss company VIS Helvetica (

• UniCredit Bank with two intervention. One is about EU and governmental programs in support of SMEs, the second about Bank services to foreign investors;

• Science Technology Park Belgrade, The innovation and the start-up companies

• MHT Balkan d.o.o. about IT facilities in support of corporate efficiency;

• GGE Esco (Gorenje group), about how to finance an investment in energy saving;

• Eurolink about how to create a proper export management;

• Aletheia success d.o.o. about Coaching, leadership, organization;

• Sagea d.o.o about innovation and sustainability in Agriculture;

• Kopilovic & Kopilovic Law firm about some case studies with International investors.

For more information contact the following email: