“Get Started for Work” Program - Naučno-tehnološki park Beograd

“Get Started for Work” Program

Одржана Бизнис академија квалитета у НТП Београд

On Friday, December 22, 2017, in Science-Technology Park, Belgrade was held a presentation of this year’s cycle of the “Get started for Work” program in cooperation with the City of Belgrade and Science- Technology Park Belgrade.
The presentation was attended by a member of the City Council of Belgrade, Dragomir Petronijević and acting director of Science-Technology Park Belgrade, Gordana Danilović Grković. A number of interested individuals presented this year’s “Get Started for Work” program and explained in detail the application process, as well as the procedure that each of the projects passes. Also, some of the projects realized so far are presented, from which case it is most evident how much this program can be important for starting their own business.
The program is intended for all citizens with innovative and creative entrepreneurial ideas, as well as entrepreneurs who already have a registered job, and they want to improve it through the introduction of innovative and approaches in business, standardization and optimization of activities.
The “Get Started for Work” program this year provides:
• donations in the form of equipment, licenses or certificates, standardization and optimization necessary for starting or improving a business, worth up to $ 10,000, with a mandatory financial participation of 20% of the grant value;
• business and professional training;
• Continuous counseling and mentoring assistance.
The competition for the new, ninth cycle of the national program “Get started for Work” conducted by ENECA with the support of Phillipe Morris in Serbia was opened on December 7 and will last until March 15 next year.
Through the program, 711 entrepreneurs from 114 municipalities have been supported so far, 900 business and professional trainings have been implemented and more than 2000 people from all over Serbia have been provided with employment conditions.