CERN visited NTP Belgrade - Naučno-tehnološki park Beograd

CERN visited NTP Belgrade

CERN u poseti NTP Beograd 3

Delegation of the European Nuclear Research Organization (CERN) led by Charlotte Varakoli, Director of CERN for International Relations and Ekhard Elsen, Scientific Director of CERN together with Prof. Peter Levai, CERN Council Delegate for Hungary & Director Wigner Institute, Prof. Emmanuel Tsesmelis, CERN Head of Associate Member & NMS Relations and Mr. Andrzej Charkiewicz, Scientific secretary visited STP Belgrade. CERN guests had the opportunity to visit some STP companies, among others, Novelic and Mainflux.

Representatives of CERN are on a several-day visit to Serbia to determine whether Serbia meets the requirements for full membership in this organization.