Delegation "VOIR" visited STP Belgrade - Naučno-tehnološki park Beograd

Delegation “VOIR” visited STP Belgrade

Делегација “ВОИР” у посети НТП Београд

The delegation of the Moscow City Organization “VOIR”, led by the rector of the Moscow Technology University Vladimir Stepanovich, visited STP Belgrade. VOIR is a public organization that gathers the elite of the Russian capital in the field of inventiveness and which aims to strengthen the economic and professional relations between professionals in the world of innovation, assistance in the development of scientific and technical creativity of young people; promotion of inventions and new technologies in the technological market, organizing international congress and exhibition activities, as well as the Moscow International Salon of Innovation and Innovative Technologies “Archimedes”. During the visit guests visited STP Belgrade and got acquainted with the organization itself, the support it provides to the member companies, and the results achieved in its 3 years of existence. Professor Vladimir Stepanovich introduced the present with the latest findings of the Moscow Technical University, and the representatives of the company «ИНЖИМАТИК»shared information about their innovations in the field of gas turbine engine and other inventions.