STP at the Technical Fair 2018 - Naučno-tehnološki park Beograd

STP at the Technical Fair 2018

НТП на Сајму технике и техничких достигнућа

Science Technology Park Belgrade this year also participated in the International Fair of Technique and Technical Achievements that was held from May 21st to 25th at the Belgrade Fair.
Visitors to our stand have had the opportunity to see how the 3D printer works, to get acquainted with the way 3D Internet presentations work, but also to see what are smart gardens and how they are managed.
What we especially rejoice is the fact that for the past 5 days of the fair, we had the opportunity to notice an increasing number of young people, future engineers who showed great interest in STP and new technologies. We believe that in the future we will cooperate with them on some new projects.