Second OMG commerce opened - Naučno-tehnološki park Beograd

Second OMG commerce opened

У НТП Београд oтворен други OMG commerce

Second OMG commerce opened at STP Belgrade

The second conference of digital commerce and mobile payments organized by Netokracija, was opened today at Science Technology Park Belgrade. Marko Mudrinić, director and co-founder of Netokracija in Serbia welcomed quests and emphasized that OMG commerce is a right place for learning about the increasingly popular area of ​​e-commerce and digital payments.

One-day event will provide answers to questions about how to run an online store, how to make a billing, how to promote a product or service, and how to optimize an existing business. OMG Commerce focus is also on the role of loyalty programs and CRMs in sales, the development of mobile banks, the automation of social media ads for e-commerce business, SEO optimization, the use of machine learning, as well as the use of blockchain technology to the Internet store.

A detailed report from the conference will be available on Netokracija website.