Students from the Faculty of Organization and Informatics from Varaždin visited STP Belgrade

Students of the Faculty of Organization and Informatics from Varaždin, University of Zagreb, visited today Science Technology Park Belgrade.

The visit was organized at the initiative of the Faculty of Organizational Sciences (FON) in Belgrade.

More than 30 students from Croatia got acquainted with the development of STP Belgrade, programs for startup and technology-development companies, as well as with programs intended for students in order to encourage the affirmation of technological entrepreneurship and the commercialization of innovations in society.

How the world of startup works and what kind of support they receive in STP Belgrade, Jovan Milicevic from startup LeanPay, former student of FON, shared with students.

Students from Varaždin showed great interest in the work of the STP Belgrade and possibilities of future cooperation. The visit ended with joint photograph in front of Science Technology Park.