Solve Entrepreneurial Dilemmas – Student Startup Edge Meetup on November 29th at STP Belgrade

Got an idea and don’t know how to grow it into a sustainable business? Still looking for inspiration or a team to support you? Learn first-hand how to overcome your initial entrepreneurial dilemmas!

Science Technology Park Belgrade is organizing a student start-up “Start-up Edge” on November 29th from 4pm for all students interested in the entrepreneurship world.

The meetup will discuss the concerns and challenges of starting a start-up, as well as how to develop a sustainable business model!

They will share their beginnings and experience with us at the two-hour event:

– Milos Milosavljevic, founder of start-up Strawberry Energy – Milos made his first entrepreneurial steps as a student, and today his smart benches are located in more than 20 countries in the world,

– AlgiOx and FarmFit – start-up teams created this year at ParkUP! a student camp at NTP Belgrade, which is already recording impressive results and winning regional start-up competitions, and

– The Science Technology Park team announcing the upcoming Winter Student Start-up camp ParkUP! 2020

Come find answers to questions about how to get an idea, or where and how to proceed if you have an idea and don’t have the team and/or enough time to devote to it.

Participation is free of charge.