Belarusian delegation led by Minister of Education visits STP Belgrade - Naučno-tehnološki park Beograd

Belarusian delegation led by Minister of Education visits STP Belgrade

A delegation of Belarusian science representatives, led by Belarusian Minister of Education Igor Karpenko, visited Science Technology Park Belgrade yesterday.

Guests were greeted by Acting Director of Science Technology Park Belgrade, Gordana Danilovic Grkovic, who presented development path of the first science technology park in Serbia, where more than 70 start-ups and technology development companies are currently developing, and more than 650 engineers are employed.

-Established in partnership of the Government of the RS (on behalf of the Government, the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology Development), the City of Belgrade and the University of Belgrade, using the best international examples, the Science Technology Park Belgrade is a place of merger and exchange between institutions, science and industry – she reminded. Danilovic Grkovic, emphasized the importance of such support instruments for development of the innovation ecosystem. As she stated, Serbia has huge potential in young people at the faculties, what they lack is business knowledge and the role of STP Belgrade is to help, support and encourage these young people for technological entrepreneurship, development and commercialization of innovative products/services.

– In one place you also have small start-ups, technology development, domestic and foreign companies, a lot of ideas, energy and connection with the university – this is a real example of what we call a knowledge-based economy in theory, as well as a demonstration point that funds are being allocated from budgets for science and education are not a cost but an investment.

The Belarusian delegation included prof. Irina Kiturka, Rector of State University Janka Kupala, prof. Mikhail Lustenkov, Rector of Belarussian-Russian University, prof. Alexander Maliarevich, Vice-Rector – Belarusian National Technical University, Lyskavets Natallia Ivanovna, Deputy Head of the Center for International Relations of the Ministry of Education, Alexander Genadevich, Deputy Chairman of the State Committee for Science and Technology of the Republic of Belarus, Sergey Vladimirovich Of the State Committee for Science and Technology of the Republic of Belarus, Vasily Grigorevich, Vice-Rector for Scientific Work of the Belarusian State University.

The visit was also attended by Assistant Minister of Education, Science and Technology Development of Serbia, Sasa Lazovic.

Guests from Belarus also had the opportunity to meet with some of the member companies operating in STP Belgrade. Start-up 3F-Fit Fabricando Faber introduced its solutions that helps people with motor disabilities with easy-to-use applications for improvement of their motor skills, and also visited Gilab, which develops innovative solutions based on ICT technologies and Geoinformatics. Their goal is to produce “smart” solutions in agriculture, urban ecosystems, energy and the environment.