On the application of tax incentives from the Law on corporate income tax for the knowledge industry on December 9 at STP Belgrade

USAID Economic Development Cooperation Project in collaboration with Science Technology Park Belgrade and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Belgrade on Monday, December 9, organizes a panel on the application of tax incentives under the Corporate income tax act designed to develop the knowledge industry.

The “Send Your Profit to Tax Vacation – Implementation of Tax Incentives from the Corporate Income Tax Law for the knowledge industry” event is scheduled for 4pm at STP Belgrade, and is intended as an interactive training to present tax incentives introduced in the tax system of Republic of Serbia intended for innovative industries, opportunities to use incentives in business and apply them to existing business models in the knowledge industry.

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Participation is free of charge and the panel is for all interested parties, especially if:

– you intend to do research or development in the Republic of Serbia, or you are already doing it,

– intend to commercially exploit the intellectual property you have created (copyright, related right, patent), or already do so,

– if you are a start-up engaged in an innovation activity, and you expect or plan to attract other investors in the coming period, or have already attracted such an investment,

– if you are an investor planning to invest in a start-up that is innovating, or have already invested in such a start-up.

Participants will be led by Deloitte experts: Slobodanka Kolundzija, Dejan Mrakovic and Milica Stublincevic, while the panel will be moderated by Slobodan Trivic (USAID Economic Development Cooperation Project).