Director of STP Belgrade presented honorary titles "Science Ambassadors" to students at Science Festival - Naučno-tehnološki park Beograd

Director of STP Belgrade presented honorary titles “Science Ambassadors” to students at Science Festival

The director of the Science Technology Park Belgrade, Gordana Danilovic Grkovic, presented today honorary title “Ambassadors of Science” to selected high school and elementary students from across the country on the second day of the Science Festival.

Thanks to their hard work and innovation, ambassadors will popularize science and spread their love for the next year among their peers for a wide variety of scientific disciplines and challenges.

Congratulations to all badge winners!

Throughout its existence, the Science Festival has inspired many students and their professors, leading to the creation of some thirty high school science festivals throughout Serbia. They are presented at the Belgrade home festival, where the top ten are selected, and for the second year in a row, the Science Festival honors them with the title “Ambassadors of Science”.

The biggest science adventure in this part of Europe – the Science Festival will last until December 8th at the Belgrade Fair.