The first meetup of the Institute of Artificial Intelligence in STP Belgrade

The Institute for Artificial Intelligence held its first meetup on Monday, December 16th at STP Belgrade.

The event brought together AI enthusiasts, and the theme of the first meeting was the application of NLP (Natural Language Processing) and the automation of business processes with the help of AI.

Milan Jerkovic, who spent several years working on NLP implementation through various chatbots, shared with the participants what tools they can build and train, while Ivan Ralić, CTO of Teodesk, spoke about the application of AI in business process automation, which he also recently edited as a lecturer at the Data Science Conference.

The Institute of Artificial Intelligence was recently founded on the initiative of Teodesk with a mission to connect the university, business and individuals interested in the development of artificial intelligence through projects, education and shared resources to raise awareness of artificial intelligence and product development for the benefit of all.