Public debate on the Serbian Smart Specialization Strategy Draft on January 17 at STP Belgrade

О нама 28

The Smart Specialization Strategy of the Republic of Serbia is an important instrument for improving the innovation and research ecosystem, developing a knowledge-based and innovation-based economy and directing future investment in areas identified as priority areas within the process.

The national Smart Specialization Strategy has been prepared through analytical and consultative process over the last three years, guided by the best practices methodology of the EU Member States, and has been overseen by the European Commission’s Joint Research Center. The Ministry of Education, Science and Technology Development coordinated this process with the active involvement of all relevant institutions from the governmental and non-governmental sectors.

On Friday, 17th of January, a public debate will be organized at three locations in Belgrade, Niš and Novi Sad, in order to present the Draft Strategy to the general public and stakeholders, and to provide the necessary feedback needed to complete this process.

The STP Belgrade event will, among other things, present a draft strategy with a comprehensive package of measures aimed at strengthening the knowledge-based economy in four priority areas with identified competitive advantage by leveraging excellence from local R&D organizations through commercialization of innovation in relevant industries: Food for the Future, Machines and Processes for the Future, ICT and the Creative Industries.