More than 30 students motivated for tech entrepreneurship – Online summer startup camp ParkUP! held at ZOOM platform

Instead of 5 days in inspirational environment of Science Technology Park Belgrade, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Science Technology Park Belgrade organized a mini summer student startup camp ParkUP! on July 16 as online event. However, it didn’t affect a great atmosphere and positive mood at the ZOOM platform! Within three-hour discussion we were talking with young students and future startups about the vision, Lean startup methodology, successful examples and first steps in starting a business.

Nikola Krstić, the founder of Anoris technology and Andrija Ražnatović, alumni of the winter startup camp ParkUP! shared their experiences too!

After attending Mini ParkUP! more than 30 participants have much more knowledge of startup terms such as MVP, pivot, crowdfunding or “mom’s test”, they are more familiar with possibilities to find out who is willing to buy their product and more motivated for technology entrepreneurship.

We aimed to encourage a new startup generation, and now we are looking forward to gather young academics under the roof of STP again, working together on ideas that can change the world!

Student startup camp ParkUP! was organized thanks to the project “Technopark Serbia 2 – boosting exports through technoparks”, supported by the Swiss Government, in order to raise awareness about entrepreneurship and innovation.