Brain Gain/Brain Drain Prevention - Naučno-tehnološki park Beograd

Brain Gain/Brain Drain Prevention

О одливу мозгова у НТП Београд 2

The Social Inclusion and Poverty Reduction / SIPRU, initiated the meeting held at the Science Technology Park Belgrade with the subjectMeasures to achieve the inflow/ outflow prevention of human capital (Brain Gain / Brain Drain Prevention).

The latest data shows increasing number of young people leaving Serbia searching the employment. This data indicates need for additional engagement to prevent increased trend of brain drain. The aim of the meeting was to connect all relevant institutions/ organizations in order to draw conclusions about the concrete steps in terms of identifying the challenges, solutions and resources in the Republic of Serbia to deal with complex phenomena that lead to brain drain. Creating synergies between the different initiatives and programs leading to a unified approach, not only to solve the problem of brain drain, but also attract talents in Serbia.

The meeting was attended by representatives of the Belgrade Forum for Political Excellence, Fund for Young Talents – Dositeja, the Ministry of Youth and Sports, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, National Employment Service, the Observatory of Social Innovation, Perform, State Secretariat for Public Policy, Foundation Tempus and Science Technology Park Belgrade.