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Cloud technology and information security

Стратешко управљање интелектуалном својином за МСП 3

STP Belgrade organized a training: Cloud technologies and information security in the Cloud, in accordance with Euro Cloud Star Audit Cloud standards. Taking into account the trends of modern times, talks about the cloud and storing data are more frequent, so our intention was to provide opportunities for a better understanding of the topic through the interaction with experts in that field. The aim of the training is to create a stronger awareness of the opportunities that cloud offers, as well as potential threats in the cloud environment, in terms of physical and software information security, legal aspects, customer support, Serbia’s position in relation to Europe and the world, as well as the current developments in our legislation.

Areas covered by the training include:

• Cloud

• Critical areas of Cloud services

• Legal Aspects

• Privacy Notice

• Physical and data security software

• Cloud supply chain

• StarAudit – common scope

• Serbia – Europe – The World

• IoT – Internet of Things


Dusan Vidovic (IBM) is an IT professional with nearly 20 years of experience in various areas of the IT industry. He has published several articles in national IT magazines in the past. He is currently engaged as a consultant and IT architect in IBM Serbia, which mainly covers the business continuity / Disaster Recovery and security topics.

Petar Balković, a consultant for QMS and StarAudit A specialist in the design and documentation of business processes and procedures, business continuity management, quality management systems, project management, with over 15 years of experience. Certified lead auditor and implementer of ISO 9001; StarAudit-AU (Auditor).

Tibor Strajh, a consultant for ISMS, BCMS and StarAudit Specialist management system of information security, business continuity management system and management system, quality of service, with more than 20 years of experience in the areas of project management and implementation of integrated management systems in various industries. Certified ITIL v2; StarAudit-AU (Auditor). (Native Consulting).

StarAudit The implementation methodology is based on the details defined catalog of criteria and control system in accordance with StarAudit certification scheme. In relation to the desired level of certification, implements an appropriate system which enables successful certification StarAudit *. * – StarAudit authorized certification body in the Republic of Serbia, SGS

The lecture was attended by members of the STP: Janko Pavlovic (Digital Worx), Bogdan Mijovic (mBrainTrain), Nikola Djurovic (Crater), Dragomir Dimirijević, Siniša Trumić (FACT), Nikola Šuščević (MHT Balkans), Dragan Cenić (Cloud’n’Car), Aleksandar Simic and Elena Trajan (Beocraft Software) Daniel Zurmi (technical automation), Milutin Papic (NTL Ship Design), Darko Angelov (Strawberry Energy) and Jovana Vasic (BITF).