STP as an example of good practice at the KOMS conference - Naučno-tehnološki park Beograd

STP as an example of good practice at the KOMS conference

НТП као пример добре праксе на конференцији КОМС-а

Today, a conference organized by the Serbian Youth Umbrella Organization (KOMS) named ,,Youth and Employment – Opportunities and Challenges”. The aim of the conference is to show good examples, as well as exploring the opportunities for young people in employment and the ways in which policies in this area can be improved. The conference will host prominent representatives from the government, business and NGOs.

KOMS is the highest representative body of young people in Serbia, which gathers 92 member organizations (youth organizations and youth) from the entire territory of the Republic of Serbia. Topics discussed:

1. Non-formal education and employability

– how to improve the non-formal education and correlation with the employability of young people

2. How to properly start your own business

– Challenges of youth entrepreneurship

– how to set up a business on ,,healthy feet” from the very beginning

– what are the problems and ways to overcome them for young entrepreneurs

3. Technology and entrepreneurship among young people

IT sector and technological entrepreneurship among youth – opportunities and ways of involvement

The acting director of Science Technology Park Belgrade, Gordana Danilovic-Grković at the panel “Technology and entrepreneurship among young people” presented the work of STP Belgrade noting that Serbia has tremendous development potential in high tech sector and innovation. In a year and a half, STP gathered 48 companies, 19 growing development companies and 29 startups, which makes this innovative ecosystem real examples of good practice with continually improving conditions for the use of our most important resources.