Israeli startup guru in Serbia - Naučno-tehnološki park Beograd

Israeli startup guru in Serbia

Израелски стартап гуру у Србији

Oren Simanian, an Israeli start-up expert, in a series of inspirational lectures at the Science Technology Park Belgrade, said that Serbia must embrace their young startup geniuses and enable them to develop their business and stay to live and work in the country.

In a very inspiring and motivational lectures to young people said that today, thanks to the Internet they can easily connect with people around the world and start a business: “As much as you have friends on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and other social networks – that will position you and there you will find potential investors … We need to work carefully on personal presentation, which should aime to fascinate at the firs sight. It is not necessary to create a completely new original idea, but to connect with the right people, see other people’s experiences and create your own business … ”

Entrepreneurship is a process, it takes time for achieving results, therefore the start-up guru in his lectures around the world suggests the authorities to formulate a system to support its development, step by step, from concept to realization, through the establishment of a series of programs making the success stories more transparent, so that everyone in the system can learn from them.