Connect2Israel NTP Belgrade 2017 - Naučno-tehnološki park Beograd

Connect2Israel NTP Belgrade 2017

Connect2Israel NTP Beograd 2017

Science Technology Park Belgrade has the honor to announce the arrival of a group of investors from Israel led by Oren Simanian, a key person for startup projects in Tel Aviv, as well as the founder of StraTau, Tel-Aviv University Entrepreneurship Center.
During his stay in Serbia, in May this year, Oren Simanian became acquainted with the startup community in our country, where he recognized the potential that exists here and the possibility of further development. This is the main reason for his re-visit, this time with a group of investors from Israel who are willing to listen, advise and, most importantly, invest in potential start-up projects.
As part of their visit of “Connect2Israel NTP Belgrade 2017”, the panel will be held in Science Technology Park Belgrade at Zvezdara on Monday, December 4th at 11:00 am and thereafter two workshops. Also, at the end of the first working day, at 6 pm, a lecture will be held for students at the Faculty of Mathematics on Belgrade University about startup investments and projects.
We invite all interested parties who want to take part in the “Connect2Israel NTP Belgrade 2017” panel and workshops in NTP Belgrade on December 4th and thus to hear something new from the field of startup investment, to register on our official FB page or directly to e-mail
The members of the delegation led by Oren Simanian are Yuval Lazi, a partner at Barnea and Co’s, a specialist in international cooperation and investment; Moshe Safarty, co-founder of Krypton VC, finance expert and expert for investment banking; Danny Hadar, a partner at Peregrine and one of the important investors in startup projects in Israel; Gilad Uziely, member of the Tel-Aviv local government in charge for investment; Tzhaki Reichenstein, Vice President for Business Development at Matrix, and founder of the Israel Leadership Forum; Ido Politzer, one of the founders of the Energy Innovation Center.
Do not miss the opportunity to meet with our eminent guests and thus improve your development. Be part of the startup community in Serbia that grows every day. Learn from the world’s finest names in the field of startup investment and all this completely free.
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