Visit of Slovak Energy and Innovation Agency to STP Belgrade

Посета Словачке енергетске и иновационе агенције НТП Београд

Science-Technology Park Belgrade was visited today by representatives of the Slovak Energy and Investment Agency from Bratislava Artur Bobovnický, Director of the Analysis, Program and International Cooperation Section, Vladimír Borza, Director of the Program Committee and Analysis from the Analysis, Program and International Cooperation Section, and Mr. Ján Voderadský, 3rd secretary of the embassy, in charge of economic cooperation.
Acting Director of STP Belgrade Gordana Danilović Grković introduced dear guests with the development of the STP, the way of functioning, as well as the number of companies that are currently working in the STP complex. Our dear guests did not hide their enthusiasm for the size of the STP and the results it achieved for a relatively short period of time. Slovakia’s energy and investment agency in Slovakia awards innovative vouchers and supports small and medium-sized companies.
After the meeting, the guests, together with STP representatives, visited Leanpay, which helps people to finance their needs by taking advantageous loans from other users through an online platform. After interesting questions and discussions with representatives of Leanpay, they visited DigitalWorx, where they presented this software company dealing with Internet of Things, primarily in the industry.