Gojko Adžić's lecture on Impact mapping technique on February 13th at STP Belgrade - Naučno-tehnološki park Beograd

Gojko Adžić’s lecture on Impact mapping technique on February 13th at STP Belgrade

How do you identify in your plans what ideas really have potential and which are just a waste of time?

Impact mapping is a simple but powerful planning technique, especially useful for technology projects and software products delivered iteratively.

Gojko Adzic, a developer, consultant and partner at Neuri Consulting, will know all about its implementation. On February 13th at the STP Belgrade Conference Center, at 4pm, he will give a lecture “Impact Mapping: Does Your Approach Have Potential – Planning Technique for Software-Making Teams products”.

Gojko Adzic is the author of Running Serverless, Impact Mapping, Specification by Example, European Software Testing Outstanding Achievement Award (2016), Most Influential Agile Testing Professional Award (2011), and the Jolt Award for Best IT Book (2012) and AWS Serverless Hero (2019).

The lecture is based on years of research with a variety of companies, from international giants to small innovative start-up teams, government institutions and nonprofits that have successfully implemented effect mapping to achieve far greater effects with significantly less work.

Using this technique, a state institution, for example, completed a huge IT project two years before the deadline. Similarly, the new tax fraud prevention system has saved tens of millions of euros more than expected. The city government has cleverly invested in an IT system for scheduling work after an earthquake and this has helped them save more money than they expected.

Lecture by Gojko Adžić, STP Belgrade is organized in cooperation with Telenor. Participation is free of charge.