Easy Aerial demonstrated the operation of a surveillance drone over the 5G Telenor test network at STP Belgrade - Naučno-tehnološki park Beograd

Easy Aerial demonstrated the operation of a surveillance drone over the 5G Telenor test network at STP Belgrade

For the first time in Serbia, the operation of a surveillance drone on a 5G network, of the start-up Easy Aerial LLC, was demonstrated today at the Science Technology Park Belgrade. Serbia. The demonstration was held within the Telenor test 5G environment, and it is interesting that, Easy Aerial solution was tested in Belgrade a week before they were able to do it in New York.

– 5G technology brings the absence of data transmission delays, which is very important for our solution. We use it to manage the drone and upload photos taken with the camera on the drone itself. The drone then recognizes whether someone or something is moving around the space and, if so, alarms necessary person. The goal of these systems is to enable advanced, smart and reliable video surveillance and integration with other smart protection systems. Therefore, it is most widely used in emergency systems such as ambulances, firefighters and aviation – explained Ninoslav Ajibaba, one of the founders of Easy Aerial, a start-up whose development centre is located in the Science Technology Park Belgrade and that has clients in 20 countries over five continents.

“Recently, our client became the Miami police who used our drones to monitor the last Super Bowl (the NFL’s annual championship), and we are already cooperating with the police, the fire department and the U.S. Air Force,” he added.

Using a drone on a 5G network means that there is no need to train emergency personnel for using drone, but through 5G technology, it is done from a control centre, without delay in data transmission.

Last year, Telenor set up Serbia’s first 5G base station in STP Belgrade allowing local companies, start-ups and students to test their solutions here, as if they were anywhere in the world.
Easy Aerial is an American company that started operations in 2015, while Easy Aerial LLC Serbia Development Center is located in Science Technology Park, Belgrade. They are developing their innovative solutions in Serbia, while the final product is being made in the USA.