Accelerated development of hardware solutions – Trainings of STP Belgrade members to work on modern equipment in innovation laboratories

For two days, training for members of Science Technology Park Belgrade were organized to work on several new devices and equipment in our innovation laboratories. Member companies have acquainted with equipment  and trained by professional to work on UV printers, Graphtec Cutters and CNC five-axis machines, which will significantly help them speed up the testing and production of prototypes and final hardware products!

The new equipment in innovation laboratories, which was initially established with the support of the Swiss Government, is a donation from the Government of the Republic of Serbia, so STP Belgrade member companies now have a total of 3 innovation laboratories at their disposal.

Modern equipment – 3D printers and scanners, lasers and CNC machines, equipment for electrical measurements, function generators to the oscilloscope is unlimitedly available to innovators of our community, with provided training.