Direct B2B meetings with innovative companies from Serbia and LG Electronics R&D Lab

Six innovative technology companies from Serbia met today with representatives of the Open Innovation team of LG Electronics R&D Lab during their visit to STP Belgrade.

Through direct B2B meetings, organized by STP Belgrade, the companies Bitgear, Cinteraction, ABACAAR, 4Create Software, Anari AI and HeartPall presented the technologies they are developing to the representatives of LG Electronics R&D Lab, mutual expectations were exchanged, opportunities for cooperation were mapped and next steps were agreed upon the realization of the potential cooperation on the development of joint projects/technologies.

The Open Innovation (OI) team at the LG Moscow R&D Lab supports LG Electronics’ internal research and development by establishing cooperation with innovative companies to find those who, with their expertise and unique approach, can mutually benefit the technological needs of LG Electronics. In order to connect with startups and development companies from Serbia, in which they see great potential, they also contacted DTP Belgrade, and through an invitation sent to all technological companies from the ecosystem, six were selected with whom they met directly.

During the visit to DTP Belgrade, representatives of the Open Innovation team at LG Electronics R&D Lab will also meet with the member company NOVELIC, and they got to know more about the growing technology community of STP Belgrade and other activities aimed at affirming the development of new technologies and technological entrepreneurship that we carry out.