Role of STPs in the development of innovation ecosystems at the Podgorica IT Spot Conference - Naučno-tehnološki park Beograd

Role of STPs in the development of innovation ecosystems at the Podgorica IT Spot Conference

At the IT Spot Conference, held on Saturday, October 8, within ICT WEEK – Podgorica Week of ICT events,  Bojan Milenković, the coordinator for supporting the development of innovations in STP Belgrade, spoke about the role of science and technology parks in the construction of innovation ecosystems, the support and development of innovative technology businesses.

In the discussion on the development of the ecosystem attended by representatives from the region, Bojan pointed out the development path and key results of STP Belgrade, which show the importance of such instruments of support to the development of innovations and that with the right support, the development of innovative technology companies that conquer the global market is possible. Bojan also emphasized the role of community and cooperation at the local and international level – a network through which STP Belgrade provides support to its members – startups and growing companies – to accelerate their growth and development, conquer new markets and attract investments. He also spoke about services and developed support programs, pointing out the first pre-seed accelerator in Serbia, Raising Starts, which was developed by STP Belgrade with the support of the Government of Switzerland and for which a new Public Call for innovative startup teams and companies should be announced soon.

The organizers of the conference were the Capital City of Podgorica, in cooperation with the Association ICT Cortec, and the conference brought together the representatives of local and state administration, regional companies and innovation ecosystems from the region.