Members networking with economic representatives of EU embassies - Naučno-tehnološki park Beograd

Members networking with economic representatives of EU embassies

STP Belgrade (Science Technology Park Belgrade) yesterday was visited by trade and economic representatives of embassies in more than 15 EU countries, and member companies had the opportunity to make contacts and create direct opportunities for doing business in these markets within the networking session.

The aim of the visit was to enable the embassy representatives to get better acquainted with the innovation ecosystem of Serbia, as well as to find additional ways in terms of supporting the ambitions of innovative technology companies to enter the EU market and connect with investors from the Union.

Among the countries that had their representatives are Austria, Germany, France, Slovakia, Slovenia, Portugal, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Finland, Belgium, Denmark, Greece, Hungary, the Netherlands, Romania, and Poland. The visit to the Science Technology Park Belgrade and the Fund for Innovation Activity was organized in cooperation with the EU Delegation to Serbia.

Andrea Hochhuber, Head of the Department for European Integration, Economy, and Trade at the EU Delegation to Serbia, emphasized that the products and services that are being developed here today are impressive and represent the future for consumers throughout the EU, Europe, and beyond and that the European Union continues with unreserved support to Serbia in the further development of innovations.