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Innovative Serbian Companies gain Access to Funding Under EU’s Digital Europe Programme

Following Serbia’s joining the Digital Europe programme and the opening of the first public call for local undertakings, Serbian companies, science institutes, startups, universities and micro, small and medium-sized enterprises are now eligible to apply for funding under the Digital Europe programme, on equal terms with undertakings established in EU Member States as regards grants from EU funds.

The Digital Europe programme Program is part of the EU’s multiannual financial framework for the period 2021-2027. Its total budget of EUR 7.5 billion is allocated to the following five areas: supercomputing, artificial intelligence, cloud data and computing, cybersecurity, advanced digital skills and advanced use of technologies. Serbia, as well as other associated countries, is eligible to apply in all areas except cybersecurity.

The EU’s financial contribution to the projects varies depending on the call for project proposals and may cover between 50% and 100% of eligible expenses. Under most calls, the Digital Europe programme provides 50% of the funding. At the same time, project applicants are required to provide co-financing for the remaining balance of their budget from other sources, such as the programmes ConnectingEuropeFacilityEU4Health and HorizonEurope or from the relevant national ministries.

Digital Europe is divided into three work programmes. The second one, which is currently underway, covers 2023 and 2024, while the third one will cover the period from 2025 to 2027.

The first group of calls for project proposals under the second work programme was issued on 5 July 2023. The full text of the second work programme can be downloaded from DIGITAL Europe Work Programme 2023-2024 (.pdf)

The final date for submitting project proposals is, in most cases, 26 September 2023.
Serbian undertakings are eligible to apply to the following 11 currently open calls:

  1. Deployment of the AI-on-demand platform (final date for application: 29 August 2023)
  2. Support to Dissemination and exploitation
  3. Reinforcing skills in semiconductors
  4. EU Energysaving reference framework
  5. Networkofsafer Internet Centres (SICs)
  6. Highlysecurecollaborativeplatformforaeronauticsandsecurityindustry
  7. FederatedEuropeanInfrastructureforintensive care units‘ (ICU) data
  8. Developing citiverse
  9. Coordinationof AI sectorialtestingandexperimentationfacilities
  10. Genome of Europe
  11. Cloud IPCEI exploitation office

The second set of calls is expected to be opened in Q3 2023.