“Demystifying Angel Investing” Workshop - Naučno-tehnološki park Beograd

“Demystifying Angel Investing” Workshop

The Science Technology Park Belgrade, in cooperation with Tačka Povratka, is organizing an online workshop on angel investing on May 24!

The workshop will focus on the concept of angel investing, the opportunities it provides for expanding the investment portfolio, and lecturers Mark Friedman, John Harbison, Margaret Bacheler, Ed.D. from the prestigious Angel Capital Association from the USA will talk about all important aspects related to this type of investment in startups. This organization has extensive experience in the field of angel investing, as well as in educating individuals and organizations about investing in startups.

Some of the topics that will be covered:

– What is angel investing – role in startup and expectations

– Why be an angel? Characteristics and motivations of angel investors

– What type of companies do angels invest in

– What is the return on angel investing

– How does it work

– Angel investing (portfolio management, due diligence and term sheets).

The potential of the Serbian innovation ecosystem, options for investing in startups from Serbia and the results they have so far achieved will also be presented.

STP Belgrade organizes this workshop to additionally support the strengthening of the startup ecosystem in Serbia by motivating and educating potential angel investors.

The number of places is limited. Participation is free, with mandatory registration. Apply HERE.

The workshop is organized with the support of the Government of Switzerland through the project “Technopark Serbia 2 – Boosting Exports through Technoparks”.