The completion of the second cycle of the Raising Starts program was marked - Naučno-tehnološki park Beograd

The completion of the second cycle of the Raising Starts program was marked

We have marked the “graduation” of the second generation of the Raising Starts program, which is strongly moving forward into an incredible global startup path!

Through Raising Starts 2.0, 45 teams were supported, while 23 of them received additional mentoring and financial support. We are proud that 9 out of 23 startups from this cycle collected additional funding during the program itself, all startups have test users and continue the further validation of their business model. Some of them made their first sales, contracted big partners and became part of international accelerators!

This year, more than 450 individual mentoring sessions were held at Raising Starts 2.0.

At the gathering of participants, one of the mentors was with us – Đuro Stojanović, an inexhaustible export of motivation for all startups from the first day of the program, who once again shared his startup wisdom and quelled the curiosity of startups with answers to numerous questions. Some new opportunities for startups were also presented by Jasmina Popovska, through the programs of the European Institute of Technology (EIT Manufacturing).

Raising Starts provides support in the riskiest phase of development – before the MVP itself (a minimum viable product) and income, thus creating a new startup generation in our ecosystem. We invite all those who are embarking on the startup path to apply for the third Call, which is open until December 28, at noon.

Raising Starts program is implemented by the Science Technology Park Belgrade with the support of the Government of Switzerland, in partnership with the Science Technology Park Niš and the Science Technology Park Čačak.